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It’s funny I have no clue whether anyone ever reads this thing since I don’t have the monitoring application installed on my iPad so it basically feels like I’m writing a journal to leave in public and it’s weird but cool. It’s probably better to not have immediate feedback as with Instagram ‘likes’ or such – def not New Yorker material here but whether you’re still reading or not it’s all good. Doing something for it’s own sake is the best way to be happy and I really think that in some ways it’s a shame that we tie work to money, entangling livelihood with passion.

There are many thoughts that I struggle with on a day-to-day basis and writing is often the best way for me to work out those thoughts – there is time to reflect and re-read to see if I’m making a logical argument or just full of shit. It’s a struggle particularly because a lot of what I believe is outside of the mainstream and talking about it almost comes off as an insult or idiocy to those who embody the ideas I challenge which is not my intention at all. I think it’s important not to get caught up with classifying ideas as good or bad, right or wrong. Most things truly are subjective and if people didn’t have right to challenge them, well we might as well be in North Korea. In an age of political correctness, I think in many situations we are limiting our expression in order to appease folks who like neat little boxes for everything or are just overly sensitive. Maybe also a product of our culture is our need for a rapid-fire response as opposed to a delayed, thoughtful one. Question, clarify, challenge, provoke!

It’s been greatly inspiring and motivating meeting so many people during the last 7 weeks here who are doing their own thing; others in my peer group who like me have chosen not to settle but instead explore; families who are motivated to travel and expose their children to other cultures; retired folks who have many detailed adventures behind them and are yet collecting more. To all I owe much gratitude for helping ease my mind about my own decisions and thoughts. It feels right and I’m constantly inspired by others who are living unique lives, pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. I’ve been surrounded by others whose values resonate with my own; others who coincidentally have interests in the same things; repeat my thoughts but aloud in the following moment. This is synchronicity and I’ll take it as my guide. Get rid of all desires, fears, and most of all ego and I believe synchronicity will find you and catch you in its current. It’s true we have to get out of our own way before we can let it but your fate is yours once you accept it.

I still struggle however with the idea of carrying the shit from “real life”. I admire those who follow politics or business or even certain tidbits of pop culture but a part of me can’t help feeling it is more or less meaningless. It’s nice to know what’s going on in the world but to what end is it useful other than in conversation? Through our political vote? I’m not so sure…If we all chose to check out, the system would be a farce. It currently is a farce but we play along giving it merit. Systems and institutions don’t give a shit about people – people have nuanced circumstances and responses, the system has rules and procedures; people often follow tit-for-tat rules of engagement but in the system you’re expected to keep doing right even when you are wronged time after time; systems pitch ideas that are ineffectively filtered and accepted by people because our filters have been warped by it. I sure we wouldn’t make the same choices if the other options were clear.

Our deepest impact and responsibility is first with ourselves. How hard do we work to make ourselves better people? Not better as in better looking or having more economic value but better as in more trustworthy, more reliable, more self-sufficient, more generous, more sympathetic. We look to other people and things to add value to our lives but we haven’t given all we can to ourselves, internally. We can’t affect change in other people, and likewise other people won’t be able to help us, we can only become less of a burden by taking care of ourselves. Independence is a gift; a gift to ourselves and a gift to those with whom we have relationships because love is truer when it is not based on dependence.

I know I constantly risk sounding like an ignorant fool and I’ll admit to an extent that I am (though I wouldn’t say blissfully so). I am to my core a pragmatist and if there is no immediate utility to something, it will be lost on me. I’m observing from an obtuse angle; I try to consider more critically the conditions of people as a whole. I can’t live in a blind state because at some point I embrace my own frustration as a sign which leads me to question and analyze. I’m blessed for that though it might sound like the opposite.

Anyway, on to the next…my time at La Mariposa, as mentioned, has been really great from beginning to end. Next I’ll be on to the island of Ometepe for about a week then my next 3 weeks are booked for a permaculture design & herbalist course which I’m super excited for!!

My apologies for so much rambling but thanks for reading!! ❤❤❤✌🏼

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