Learn, learn, learn. Feels like my Spanish is on par with (if not better than) my French right now which is crazy because I spent about 5 years in middle/secondary school learning French. But I’ll testify as many do, that immersion in the culture and language is the way to go.

Volunteering with different projects is also a great way to learn new skills and practice Spanish. I am grateful that this opportunity exists.

It’s a shame that our schooling system doesn’t incorporate more of a learn and work approach by including hands-on training in real-world skills. Glue, paper and crayons can go a long way but not much farther than the age of 10. Real work often takes a degree of observation, precision, and feedback which I’m not sure is present in other youth activities unless they are extracurricular. Not advocating for child labour, I just believe practical knowledge and a sense of self-sufficiency are much needed in our culture.

Educación es importante. There are many habits that we inherit and seem like common sense or a given to us however we happen to come from an informed culture and things like daily dental hygiene and the importance of general cleanliness are a result of that. On the flipside our culture often skews or exploits many practices, setting the bar higher and higher and companies bank on our desire for aesthetics. Fresh-to-death clothes, sparkly whitened teeth, fingernails did. It’s nice but it’s also nice to live free of it 😉

One more month at La Mariposa and I’m contemplating how to get the most out of my time here. As mentioned, I’m enjoying the approach of learning and working so I’m planning on more of it as I continue my travels.

Much love to all,


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