Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today is the day!!! Finally! My flight is scheduled to land in Nicaragua in the early afternoon. I’ll be picked up by one of the staff at La Mariposa Spanish School and I’m super excited. If you haven’t seen the link on my homepage, do check it out or look them up on YouTube. They have a lot of really amazing things going on there and I’m really looking forward to being a part of it for the two months that I’ll be there.

On a side-note, I want to briefly speak to some pull factors since I’ve already done a fair share of babbling on the things that have been pushing me to travel. Some things are evident without mention – warm weather, the lure of adventure, etc. – but there are a couple other reasons why. I’ve come across other stories of people who have travelled various places in the world and for some reason travels in Central/South American have piqued my interest the most. Stories relating to the people there, the connection with nature, and the culture. With some knowledge of French, I figured Spanish wouldn’t be too hard to pick up either. Secondly, I heard this quote “Don’t trust a spiritual person in a material world” which can be interpreted a number of ways but personally it resonated because I’ve found that by letting go of a lot of things in life (possessions, desires, ego, etc.) I’ve found greater peace and inner clarity – letting go of the material has allowed me to trust myself and my own instincts more. Part of my goal with travel is to continue on the spiritual path and so I’m hoping to get away from consumerist culture. Living within communities that don’t share our standard of living will be an enriching experience. I’m not being naïve or making any cultural judgements and likewise I hope folks don’t jump to the conclusion that people in third-world countries are never happy or conversely that despite living in a third-world country people are always happy. There is nuance in every circumstance and culture as there is in our own.

Back to the trip…Admittedly, I repacked my bag one last time and have added a little sewing kit, a mini tripod and rehydration salts – just in case! (I get paranoid of being dehydrated). Also a couple of bulbs of garlic to consume raw for its health benefits as well as I’ve read that it helps repel mosquitos. I also swapped my drawstring day bag for a backpack which has a little more room.

I’ll be staying with two sisters who work for La Mariposa and their 3 kids in their home in the barrio (neighbourhood) near La Mariposa which will be a great experience but naturally makes me a little nervous. I’m not sure exactly what to expect in terms of the language barrier and of course figuring out a daily routine will be an adjustment but as mentioned I have confidence that it will be a good experience. Next time I post, hopefully I’ll be settled in! Adios!


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